The Weber Family

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Monster Bash!!

This year we had a monster bash/costume party for the boys' birthdays. 

Here are some mummy dogs, created by Hayley, they are awesome!!

These sure look like burgers but they're actually cupcakes! Sandi is so creative!!

Aunty Cindy came as mother nature :D She looks lovely!

Gabe was admiring my pizza snake, doesn't look too appetizing!

My big 3 year old!!

Aunty Cindy and Chase

The birthday boys! Colby Joshua is now 4 years old and Chasey is 3! Time flies when you're having fun!

The super awesome monster cake Aunty Cindy made, complete with rice krispie letters of each of the boys names. Unfortunately someone ate Colby's 'B' before I could get a picture so it says "Chase and Coly"

I made a monster fruit pizza! This was also the day we announced to family and friends that we were going to have another birthday to celebrate next year! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel and Chasey!!

Birthdays are amazing and I find it especially cool that of 365 days in a year my mom and I were both blessed to give birth to two incredible little boys on the exact same day. I mean seriously? What are the chances of that?! So, September 27th will forever be a day that lives in infamy because it is the birthday to not one but TWO special boys that are incredible blessings in all of our lives. 

Unfortunately Chasey's birthday always seems to fall on a day that daddy is working but before Jason went to bed he went out of his way to make Chasey feel special. 

As you can see this little fella is just tickled about turning three years old!!

If there is one thing I've learned about little boys it's that little boys LOVE guns! I've also learned that mommies of little boys grow to HATE guns but that is beside the point. (I sware, just when I think I've collected all of the nerf darts and put them away for good I find another one, I'm pretty sure they multiply) 
Chasey was absolutely thrilled to finally get a baseball helmet of his own, he's been wanting one since he saw the one Colby picked out for his birthday. 

After dropping Colby off at preschool Chasey and I went on a special birthday date in downtown Castle Rock. Chasey picked out some ice cream and a delicious looking pastry. Life is good!

The birthday boys!!

Tyler, Colby, Chasey and Daniel

Tyler, Colby, Ashley, Chase and Daniel

Cake time!!
Thank you God for so many wonderful, healthy boys in our lives!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Newest little Weber on the way!!!

I just found out I am expecting our third baby!! I could not be more excited! I have been hoping and praying for a baby since the day I delivered Chase, almost three years ago! We decided to go out to the baseball field and spend a little family time together. This is a day I remember clearly, I was just beginning to feel pregnant. I remember watching the three people I love most in this world on the baseball field together and feeling so incredibly blessed to get to add to our family. God is so GOOD!!

Chasey's Tooth Injury

We are seem to have a hard time with front teeth in this family. First Bob (my grandmother) had her front teeth knocked out by the pump on a well, than I had a major mouth injury on the trampoline, earning myself a root canal at the ripe age of 11. Than my cousin Sandi injured her teeth in a bike accident. My brother Tyler broke his front tooth when he tripped and fell while trick or treating. My brother Daniel had his front tooth broken when it was hit by a bebe. Colby broke his when he face planted on our granite tile floors and now there is Chasey...
He decided it would be fun to ice skate in the shower (ie: stand on empty shampoo bottles and walk around on them, keep in mind he was in the shower with Colby and Jason at the time). He proceeded to do this and than fell, landing on the bench with his front teeth, pushing one of them clear up into his gums. 

This was the picture I emailed to our dentist (sad but true, I have his email address).  

Chasey was such a good sport, even helped to hold his lip up for the picture. We went to the dentist a few days later  and had it x-rayed. So far so good, it would come down with time....until months later he bumped it again while playing at monkey business. Now the tooth is darker than the others (a sign that the root has died). Jason keeps reminding me that these are just baby teeth. Needless to say, Tyce will be wearing a mouth guard as soon as he grows any teeth. And my fingers are crossed that we are done with the tooth injuries for the rest of our lives!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Date night!

Hayley and Ryan are also expecting their third what do two pregnant girls want?? The melting pot!! Delicious!

I'm so excited I get to go through my third pregnancy with my best friend. Love ya Hay!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Boy's best day...

Colby's love for trash trucks is borderline obsession. 

Tuesdays are his favorite day of the week because it's trash day. He gets his favorite trash truck and his book about trucks, opened to the trash truck page, and scoops rocks with his truck until the trash tricks arrive. 

What better way to spend the rest of the day than to play baseball!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sloane Wedding

Mindy is more than just a cousin to me, she is like a sister. That's why it was a special honor to be a part of her special wedding day. The first day I met her husband to be I had a vision of him walking her down the aisle. Fast forward a year and here they are!! 

The Weber Family
Steve and Mindy before the ceremony. 

Steve and Mindy's son (and my special nephew!!) Slade. 

The beautiful Sloane Family!!

Could Slade be any cuter?

I know I posted a lot of these family pictures but they're just so cute!!

Mindy and her sister Melissa (the other person in my life that I consider to  be my own  sister!) with Melissa's daughter (and Mindy and my neice, Sarah)

Mindy and Melissa

Mindy and Me!

Mindy and Sandy

The wedding party girls.

Mindy and Steve with their parents.

Mindy with Caleb and Sarah 

Mindy and her mom, Aunty Cindy

Pretty flowers!

Pretty bride!

This picture got out of order but here is Sarah getting her toes done, soooo cute!!

Mindy loves lilies and I can see why!!

Slade keeping Aunt Joannna entertained while she gets her nails done.

The wedding party

The wedding party plus Caleb, he's so handsome!!!

Suka, Chasey and Colby

The wedding processional begins!!

Could it be any sweeter? Caleb pulling Slade in the wagon. So precious!

And just look at this princess flower girl!

Father of the bride, Roger!

The married couple!

I love this picture, Caleb peeking around the corner. 

Elayne and Patrick

Elayne, Mark and Patrick

Mark and Danny

Lisa and Melissa

Chasey and mommy

Mindy and Steve laughing at the cake, it totally fell apart but Mindy was such a cool bride, she just laughed it off!

First dance

The happy couple

I love Mindy's smile in this picture. 

Sandi and Colby

Mindy and Roger, Father of the Bride dance!

Colby was a captive audience. 

Steve dancing with his mom. 

Now it's time to party!!

Let the dancing begin!

I love my man!

And look at this incredibly good looking couple!

Hello Melissa and Dustin, heating up the dance floor!!

Roger and Sarah

Joanna and Seth

Chasey, checkin' it all out. 

Aunty Cindy and Danny tearing up the dance floor!

And then there was Jason...

...the combo of tequilla and an empty dance floor left Jason tons of room to show off his moves, and he sure did!

Chasey had a few moves of his own!

What a great papa bear, Dustin acted as a couch in which both of his kiddos fell asleep on!
What a special day! As I write this now (over a year later! I'm so behind on this blog!), the Sloane family is now a family of four with the addition of Urban who was born June 7, 2012. It has been a blessing to see this family grow!